survey iconAll parties who are directly or indirectly involved with Mineral Reporting and sustainability reporting are urged to review the initial consultation document from the Working Group and to provide feedback via the survey that has been prepared for this purpose. Comments should be submitted via the survey link by no later than 24 June 2022. The SAMCODES ESG Working Group looks forward to receiving your input.

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ESG Stakeholder engagement 31052022ESG – IS HERE TO STAY
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are developing at a rapid pace in the international arena.
The SAMCODES Standards Committee (SSC) has constituted a multi-disciplinary working group to ensure alignment with the rapidly evolving expectations of stakeholders for ESG disclosure with Mineral Reporting.
The outcomes of the 2021 ESG Inquisition and views from a select group of key stakeholders have been distilled into the presentation below which is issued for public review and comment.


Crirscomeeting2021 15012022

The Annual CRIRSCO meeting took place as a virtual event during the week of 11 October 2021, due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions. Each of the 14 NROs and 8 potential NROs had their own travel regulations which needed to be considered.

ANDY MACDONALDAndy McDonald has been doing mineral asset valuations for more than 20 years. He is a Principal Engineer with SRK Consulting specialising in due-diligence audits, competent person’s and mineral asset valuation reports, and engineering studies. He is a registered Chartered Engineer through the Institution of Materials, Minerals and Mining in London and is a Fellow of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. He holds a BSc degree in Applied Mathematics, a MSc degree in Geophysics (cum laude) from the University of the Witwatersrand and an MBL from UNISA. He has 46 years’ experience in a range of activities in mining and light industrial industries.

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The SAMCODES Virtual Conference 2021 was successfully held on 5 mornings during the week of 25 October 2021. It included papers and presentations on Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve aspects related to SAMREC as well as a number of presentations relating to mineral asset valuation. (SAMVAL). The conference was held online and attended by some 40 people on each day. The intention was to provide an opportunity for industry experts, emerging Competent Persons’ and sector investors to share and explore developments in the application of the Codes, in particularly since the last conference in 2016 and the launch of the SAMREC and SAMVAL Codes in 2016. The presentations and papers certainly met this objective.
If you missed the event, you may purchase the recordings from Camielah Jardine at

GSSA webinar graph2 27102021

The Geological Society of South Africa is establishing an ESG interest group with the intention of creating a ESG branch within the GSSA. The aim is to create and promote awareness of ESG reporting issues whilst creating a platform for the broader earth sciences community to interact and learn about ESG.

Watch this space for further information. If you wish to be part of this exciting initiative, please contact to be put on the mailing list.

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The GSSA is creating an ESG Division.
Click here to read more.

mineral project valuation 27102021

The SAIMM Mineral Valuation Webinar is a series of three webinars with a focus on a broad range of valuation-related issues.

GSSA webinar 27102021

The GSSA hosted a two-day ESG Inquisition webinar event in the second week of August 2021. The main objective of the event was to gather industry views and input regarding the potential ESG reporting requirements when disclosing Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve estimates in Competent Persons reports and also in the Annual Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve reports published by Mineral companies.

If you missed the event, you can catchup on the GSSA YouTube channel
Day 1 youtube
Day 2 youtube

Squirrel Award 2021On Wednesday 11 August 2021, the 36th Annual IAS Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting and Communication (Squirrel Awards) was held as a virtual event. The SAMREC/IAS Award for the best 2020 Integrated Annual Report in the Minerals Sector was once again awarded to Impala Platinum Holdings Limited. The award was accepted by Mr Theodore Pegram, Lead Competent Person (Mineral Resources) Executive – Mineral Resources.

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SAMCODES have an App that allows one to access and search the SAMREC, SAMVAL and SAMOG codes, the JSE Section 12 Listing Rules as well as SAMESG and the Diamond/Precious Stones Reporting Guidelines. It is now possible to have the SAMREC, SAMVAL and SAMOG Codes in your pocket so that it can be available at any time and you don’t have to search through a PDF to find the detail you need. Download it from your preferred App Store Now.

ESG INQUISITION: The GSSA is hosting a two-day ESG Inquisition webinar event in the second week of August 2021. The main objective of the event is to gather industry views and input regarding the potential ESG reporting requirements when disclosing Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve estimates in Competent Persons reports and also in the Annual Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve reports published by Mineral companies. The current version of the SAMESG (2017) Guidelines is being redrafted and the event will strive to obtain industry views on potential improvements. It is perceived that general confusion regarding the purpose of the SAMESG guidelines needs to be clarified as well as the integration between Annual Sustainability /ESG reports and Annual Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve reports.
SAVE THE DATE (10-11 August 2021) for the ESG Inquisition. Attendance is free, but registration is required.


The JSE maintains Reader’s Panels which review all Competent Persons Reports and Mineral Asset Valuation Reports submitted to the JSE Limited. Such reports are reviewed for compliance with the JSE Listing Requirements that incorporate the relevant SAMCODES and any other code recognised by the JSE for secondary listings, if required. Members of the Reader’s Panels are appointed by the JSE, based on submissions through the SSC and are recognised experts in the commodity and deposit under consideration.

If you would like to be considered for a position on the JSE Readers Panel, please send your (comprehensive) CV to by 21 June, 2021. To find out more about the JSE Monitoring of Reporting Standards, please look at

The current mandate for the Readers Panel (as well as the JSE Section 12 Listing Rules) can also be downloaded from this web page, which mandate details the requirements for Readers and the expectations of the position.

If you have any questions you may contact:
Sam Moolla
SAIMM Manager
Telephone: +27 83 415 9635

During February 2021, all universities and other institutes of higher learning throughout Africa were given a link to FREE access to the “Introduction to the SAMCODES”, a 2.5hr online webinar presented by Prof. Stephen Rupprecht (University of Johannesburg, South Africa). This has been provided by the SSC and the SAIMM to offer universities a high-quality teaching resource that will be of benefit to all geoscience and mining engineering students throughout Africa.

If you missed out on your FREE link, please have your Head of Department send a request to

Did you know that some 22% of individuals who access our website do so from a mobile device? This number has risen from around 16% since the SAMCODES App was launched recently. It is now much easier for users to access the codes from wherever they are.

Over 48% of users are under 34 years of age, indicating (possibly) the interest that younger professionals are taking in the Codes. Users in the 18-24 year age range has increased almost 10% since all African universities were granted free access to a recorded version of Prof. S. Rupprecht’s “Introduction to the SAMCODES” course at the end of February 2021.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of our users (55%) are located in Africa, primarily South Africa. The balance are spread out over the Americas and Europe (29%) as well as Australasia and Asia (16%).

esg roundtable 08022021The INFACT project, PERC and Responsible Raw Materials co-hosted a series of virtual round table discussions on the inclusion of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in reporting of mineral deposit estimates and exploration results globally on Tuesday 26th January. Speakers included advisors to and /or members of the different CRIRSCO codes or standards, as well as other organisations pertinent to the discussions. The event focused on the following aspects:

Ferdi Camisan10122020Dr Ferdi Camisani,
July 1939 – November 2020.

Ferdi Camisani was born outside Parma Italy just a few weeks after the declaration of World War 2. He was a student of the father of geostatistics, Georges Matheron in Fontainebleau, France and together with Danie Krige, wrote some of the first papers on the application of geostatistics in South Africa.
During his long career in South Africa he worked with De Beers, Anglo American the Atomic Energy Corporation and Anglovaal.

samcode app userguide 22012020SAMCODES have launched an App that allows one to access and search the SAMREC, SAMVAL and SAMOG codes, the JSE Section 12 Listing Rules as well as SAMESG and the Diamond/Precious Stones Reporting Guidelines.

Click here to download the User Guide (PDF 1.5M)

crirsco meeting22012021The first virtual meeting of CRIRSCO took place from 14-19 September chaired by Ken Lomberg the Chairperson of CRIRSCO. The virtual platform allowed the meeting to include additional delegates from the National Reporting Organisations (NROs) Various interested parties were also able to attend. This allowed a broader group to become familiar with the workings of CRIRSCO.

Six 3-hour sessions were held on each of the 6 days with as many as 75 participants on any given day joining from all corners of the world.
All of the 14 NROs were able to join starting at 12:00 GMT albeit with Canada at 5 am and Australia at 10 pm and everybody else in between. Each NRO presented the activities they have undertaken in the past 12 months. The details are on the website.

Implats logoThe winners of the 2020 SAMREC/IASSA Squirrel awards for excellence in Integrated Annual Reports have been announced. The 2020 SAMREC/IASSA squirrel was awarded to IMPALA PLATINUM HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD for the second year in a row.

royal bafokeng logoSince 2017, a second Squirrel Award has been presented for the best Annual Integrated Report by a company with a market capitalisation less than ZAR15M. The winner of the Squirrel in this category for 2020 is ROYAL BAFOKENG PLATINUM LTD.

The SSC would like to thank Prof. Christina Dohm and her team of reviewers for the work done in adjudicating the IARS produced in 2019.

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All of us working in the mining industry have a vested interest in being part of an industry that is viewed positively. The industry has made great strides in South Africa and globally in how all stakeholders are treated. Meaningful progress has been made in working conditions and in the interaction with host communities. Progress has also been made in protecting investors and facilitating investment into mining projects by large institutions and individual investors.

However, looking back, we see how tenuous these relationships are. Mining’s failures and misdemeanours have tended to leave lasting stains and leave the industry vulnerable to being judged on past mistakes and to more recent mistakes that readily overwhelm perceptions of the industry. We can see how much we are dependant on responsible behaviour by all participants if we are to continue to improve our reputation and be proud to be associated with this essential industry.

Progress in the industry has been greatly facilitated by collaborative endeavours and voluntary organisations. Companies and executives concerned about their reputations have collaborated to establish industry standards and norms that have tried to raise the bar for all participants. Failure to raise the bar, threatens the social licence of all mining companies. An accident in any part of the world can lead to disruptions for all operations as news is rapidly and widely distributed.