Datamine Africa successfully hosted a high-ranking delegation from Beijing, China on the 30th of October 2018.

Datamine sponsored the full day event, which was one of several, hosted in partnership with South Africa’s Samcodes Standards Committee (SCC).

While the focus of the event was to give an understanding of the role of the code in assessing capital markets, the delegation also got an introduction to how Datamine’s Software can be used during the entire mine planning process.

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An important Chinese mining sector delegation visiting South Africa was this week able to gain valuable insights from specialist engineers and scientists from SRK Consulting (SA), focusing on the range of factors that affect mineral resource and mineral reserve reporting and valuation. The delegation comprised members of the Mineral Resources and Reserves Evaluation Centre (MRREC) of the Ministry of Natural Resources in Beijing, who were hosted by South Africa’s Samcodes Standards Committee


Monday 22nd October saw the MRREC Chinese Delegation visit Impala Platinum and it’s towering No. 16 Shaft in Rustenburg (apparently taller than the Statue of Liberty). Outgoing Implats Lead Competent Person, Seef Vermaak, accompanied the delegation on the tour, which included a visit to the processing and smelting plants, as well as to the core yard where many a discussion was had on platinum mineralisation in the Merensky and UG2 reefs.

On Friday 19th October the JSE hosted the MRREC delegation for a morning presentation on the JSE’s role within the SAMCODES, including the JSE Readers Panel and its Mandate. Senior members of the delegation had the opportunity of opening the market (on the podium, from right: Mr. Gao Limin - Deputy Director General, Ms. Pan Xinru - Division Chief, Mr. Zhang Huichang - Principle Section Member).

On Wednesday 17th October the MRREC delegation from the Ministry of Natural Resources of P.R. of China underwent their first day of training at the Wanderers Club in Johannesburg. This 3-week training forms part of the requirements for China to become a member of CRIRSCO.

Day one saw the SSC Chair Matt Mullins, accompanied by SSC Vice-Chair Tania Marshall, SAMREC Chair Ken Lomberg, and Roger Dixon from SRK, give an introductory presentation to the 18-strong delegation.

The training is


Effective 1 October 2018 (based on SAMVAL Guidance Note 4.4), clause 4.4 of the SAMVAL Code has been modified from:
“The results from the valuation approaches and methods employed should be weighted and reconciled into a concluding opinion of value in accordance with Figure 1. The reasons for giving a higher weighting to one method or approach over another should also be stated and justified.”

“The results from the valuation approaches and methods employed should be weighed and reconciled into a


The 2018 SAMREC/IASSA Squirrel award was presented to African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) at the 33rd Annual Awards Ceremony of the Investment Analysts Society of South Africa held at the JSE in Sandton (Thursday 21 June 2018).

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Mining professionals from around the country, with all levels of experience, took part in the 4th Annual SAMREC/SAMVAL Compliance and JSE Reporting Workshop hosted by the GSSA and the SSC at the Glenhove Conference Centre in Johannesburg from 28th-29th June.

SAMCODES Standards Committee (SSC) Vice-Chairperson Tania Marshall chaired the workshop, with presentations by industry stalwarts and SSC members including SAMREC Chair Ken Lomberg and SAMVAL Chair Kelly Redman. The workshop is aimed at


SAMCODES Chairperson Matt Mullins was recently at the Junior Indaba, speaking to Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly.

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SAMCODES Standards Committee (SSC) Chair Matt Mullins is currently attending the Minex Central Asia Forum taking place in Astana, Kazakhstan. On Wednesday 18th April he delivered a presentation on Global Mineral Resource and Valuation Reporting Standards.

With Kazakhstan being the newest member of the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO), Matt discussed the Evolution, Convergence, and Effectiveness of reporting codes both in South Africa and globally. There


The SAMCODES Standards Committee (SSC) develops, promotes and ensures compliance with the South African Mineral and Oil & Gas Reporting Codes. These Codes comprise the SAMREC, SAMVAL and SAMOG Codes, and associated Guidelines. Governance of the Codes is effected through membership of Professional Bodies, through Statutory Registration of Earth Scientists and Engineers, and through the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (the JSE) Reader’s Panel.

The Chairmanship of SAMCODES rotates between the


This half-day short course will introduce participants to the South African Minerals and Oil and Gas Reporting Codes and their associated Guidelines. The course provides geological, mining, metallurgical and minerals management professionals with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the formal resource and reserve estimation and reporting landscape.

The key definitions, principles and application of the SAMREC (Minerals Reporting) and SAMVAL (Mineral Asset Valuation) Codes will be


Tania Marshall and Roger Dixon attended a workshop (along with Abdul Kenan and Matamba Tsanwani from the Council of Geoscience) on “Harmonization, Adaptation, Implementation and Development of the United Nations Framework for Classification (UNFC) in line with the African Mining Vision (AMV)” in Cairo, Egypt 2-6 October 2017, to share the experience that the SSC had in the development of the SAMCODES and in the establishment of training protocols.

  • The SAMREC and SAMVAL Codes have all been updated to version 2016.1. Please download these versions to replace your files (all changes are non-material).
  • The SAMESG Guideline has been updated to version 2017.1 (this is a material change from the previous version). A new Table (compatible with SAMREC Table 1) as well as an explanatory briefing document have also been provided. Please visit the SAMESG page for further details and downloads.
  • Updated information and downloads are available

Each year the Investment Analyst Society of South Africa (IASSA), in conjunction with SAMREC, presents a (Squirrel) Award to the JSE listed Company which has produced the Integrated Annual Report most compliant with Section 12.1 (of the JSE Listing Regulations), the SAMREC Code (including Table 1) and the SAMVAL Code. Adjudication of the reports is done by a panel of experts drawn from the mining industry and the JSE Readers Panel.

The award is usually in respect of the previous year’s


The 2016 version of the SAMCODES were compiled into an A4 document comprising the SAMREC, SAMVAL and SAMOG Codes. In addition to the three Codes, two Guideline documents were also completed – the SAMESG and the Diamond Guidelines (the latter is simply part of the SAMREC Code, but can also be used as a stand-alone guide to the compilation of diamond-specific Competent Persons Reports). Both documents have both been incorporated into the Companion Volume and also appear on the SAMCODES website.



The 2016 SAMODES were launched at the SAMREC/SAMVAL Companion Volume Conference and Launch Breakfast at the JSE during May 2016.