The SAMCODES Standards Committee (SSC) develops, promotes and ensures compliance with the South African Mineral and Oil & Gas Reporting Codes. These Codes comprise the SAMREC, SAMVAL and SAMOG Codes, and associated Guidelines. Governance of the Codes is affected through membership of Professional Bodies, through Statutory Registration of Earth and Geological Scientists and Engineers, and through the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (the JSE) Reader’s Panel.

The Chairmanship of SAMCODES rotates between the two Patrons, the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) and the Geological Society of South Africa (GSSA). We are pleased to inform you that as from January 2019 Dr Steven Rupprecht will take up the Chair of the SSC, as the SAIMM representative.

Steven has 32 years mining experience commencing his career in 1986 with Gold Fields of South Africa where he gained underground production mining experience working at several mines in the West Rand. In 1997 Steven was transferred to Gold Fields Head Office’s Consulting Engineering Division as Group Mining Engineer and later Senior Mining Engineer Coal.

In 1999 He joined CSIR Mining Technology as Research Area Manager and worked extensively on the Deepmine and Futuremine Research Programmes. In 2003 Steven joined RSG Global as a Principal Mining Engineer until 2007 when joined Keaton Energy as a Technical Director, a position he held until the end of 2009. In 2010 joined the University of Johannesburg as Senior Lecture and Director of Mining.

Steven has been involved with the reporting and reviewing of Mineral and Coal Reserves and Mineral Asset Valuations since 2003 including the compilation of CPRs, Mineral valuations, Ni 43 101 reports for PGEs, Gold, Coal, Chromitite, Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, Fluorite, Mineral Sands, and other minerals.

Steven has been Vice Chairperson of the SAMREC working group since 2012 and has represented the SAIMM at the 2013 CRIRSCO meeting. Steven has published several papers on the reporting codes and has been a presenter for several courses and workshops, introductory and advanced, on the SAMREC and SAMVAL Codes. Steven is a Fellow of the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM), a member of the SAIMM Council, member of the SAIMM Technical Programme Committee, member of the SAIMM Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and observer on the SAIMM Young Professional Council.

On behalf of the SAIMM and the GSSA we are happy to welcome Steve as Chair of the SSC, and we look forward to interacting with as many of the global Professional organisations as we can over the next few years.