During February 2021, all universities and other institutes of higher learning throughout Africa were given a link to FREE access to the “Introduction to the SAMCODES”, a 2.5hr online webinar presented by Prof. Stephen Rupprecht (University of Johannesburg, South Africa). This has been provided by the SSC and the SAIMM to offer universities a high-quality teaching resource that will be of benefit to all geoscience and mining engineering students throughout Africa.

If you missed out on your


Did you know that some 22% of individuals who access our website do so from a mobile device? This number has risen from around 16% since the SAMCODES App was launched recently. It is now much easier for users to access the codes from wherever they are.

Over 48% of users are under 34 years of age, indicating (possibly) the interest that younger professionals are taking in the Codes. Users in the 18-24 year age range has increased almost 10% since all African universities were granted free


Whilst Covid-19 continues to affect us and create a great deal of uncertainty, it also brings with it an opportunity to shape how life will look once we have overcome this challenge. Governments worldwide are considering what happens next, and what world we wish to emerge into. The virus has been transformative, making people aware that global issues – whether they be a virus, climate change, or the way the world extracts and uses minerals and other raw materials – require a global response. With

    • To reassess all the standard definitions occurring in the SAMREC Code
    • To assess the impact (if any) of technology on SAMREC requirements.
    • To further involvement in IMVAL
    • To progress issues of registration for Competent Valuators.
    • To promote a sense of ethics in Competent Valuators based on the SAIMM and GSSA Codes.
    • To do a review of the current SAMOG code based on the experience of the last two years and some changes currently taking place within both COGEH and PRMS.
    • To

Check out our new SPONSORSHIP website page. We are actively seeking industry sponsorship to continue and extend the work of SAMCODES. SAMCODES is a not-for-profit organisation established to develop, maintain, administer, ensure compliance with and promote the South African Mineral Codes, collectively known as SAMCODES.


Harry McDougal Parker


Stella Searston, RM SME, MAIG, FAusIMM and Larry B. Smith RM SME, MSEG

Harry Parker 01Harry McDougal Parker passed away on 19 December 2019, as a result of complications arising from melanoma. Harry is survived by his wife Susan Kemper Parker, daughter Meg, son Winthrop, grand-daughters Angelina, Sofia, Layla, Sadie, Ashley, and Chloe, and sister Betsy. Harry and Sue enjoyed two days short of 51 years of marriage.

Harry was born in New York on 7 February 1946. Harry’s youth


SAMCODES Standards Committee (SSC) Chair Matt Mullins is currently attending the Minex Central Asia Forum taking place in Astana, Kazakhstan. On Wednesday 18th April he delivered a presentation on Global Mineral Resource and Valuation Reporting Standards.

With Kazakhstan being the newest member of the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO), Matt discussed the Evolution, Convergence, and Effectiveness of reporting codes both in South Africa and globally. There