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Relationship with JSE

The relationship of the SSC with the JSE, other professional and statutory bodies is reflected in the attached slide.

Public report Monitoring

The SSC provides Readers Panel to the JSE for monitoring of all public reports submitted to the JSE.

The panel consists of CPs with the relevant expertise in the commodity and type of deposit which is the subject of the report.

The readers would normally submit comments through the JSE to the project sponsors.  The CP responsible for the report would then make the necessary changes to make the report compliant with the regulatory code.

Readers are remunerated by the JSE.

Training and Education

Training and education is limited to presentations by SSC members at appropriate conferences.  The inclusive consultation process used in revising the SAMREC 2007 Code also served as an educational process for the many members involved.

Consideration is being given to presenting training workshops on the reporting requirements of the JSE.


The JSE may grant reciprocity, after consultation with the SSC to other Professional Bodies in order that their members may submit reports to the JSE in compliance with the JSE listing requirements.

Reciprocity will be given on application by the Professional Body provided that it has an enforceable code of ethics and a disciplinary procedure. Reciprocity shall be confirmed on an annual basis.

List of Ropos recognized by ssc samrec/samval committee

Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy         AusIMM
Australian Institute of Geoscientists            AIG
Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists    CCPG
European Federation of Geologists            EFG
The Geological Society                    GS
Institute of Geologists of Ireland                IGI
Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining        IMMM
Mining and Metallurgical Society of America        MMSA
Society for Mining Metallurgy and Exploration        SME

 As at 24 January 2008

Disciplinary Procedure

The SSC shall maintain a disciplinary procedure for complaints received regarding Competent Persons and Competent Valuators.

Competent Persons and Competent Valuators shall be a member of a Professional Body that has a Code of Ethics and a Disciplinary procedure recognized by the SSC.

Complaints regarding Competent Persons and Competent Valuators must be in writing and must be referenced to the Code of Ethics of the Professional Body to which they belong.  The disciplinary procedure is attached as Appendix 1.

Best Practice

It was the intention of the SSC to commence with the compilation of a manual of best practice to complement the SAMREC and SAMVAL Codes.  This may however be something that is undertaken at the CRIRSCO level as a multitude of best practice guidelines from the various NROs that may differ in interpretation may just create confusion.

18 November 2008